T.B. Scott Library’s Seed Library

How does the Seed Library work? Seed Library opens April 3rd!

Checking out seeds is as simple as checking a book from the library. The Seed Library, beginning on April 3, is available not only to all T.B. Scott Library cardholders, but those of libraries in the surrounding Wisconsin Valley Library Service as well. Simply stop by the library, choose your seeds, check them out, then plant and grow according to the enclosed directions. If you check out seeds and grow them, you’re expected to bring back seeds from your harvest in the fall to replenish the seed library for the future.

Why Heirloom Seeds?

The Seed Library doesn’t offer just any seed, but heirloom seeds. Most gardeners and large scale commercial food producers use hybrid seeds, which are generally designed for one-time use. However, heirloom seeds are open-pollinated, so the seeds from the resulting harvest can be saved for the next growing season.

Heirloom seeds are an attractive option to health-conscious consumers because the seeds are non-GMO and often certified organic. Heirloom seeds are also special because, in being passed from generation to generation, they often have a history of their own.

Seed Varieties

T.B. Scott Library will offer seven seed varieties this year:


  • Ideal Market Green Bean
  • Double Yield Cucumber
  • Green Arrow Pea
  • Black Cherry Tomato
  • Golden Zucchini Squash
  • Minnesota Midget Melon
  • Tip Top Nasturtium Flower

Seeds will be offered on a first come basis. Offering 7 varieties per patron.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in learning more about any aspect of heirloom seed growing or gardening generally, you’re invited to our informational seminar, on Saturday, April 1 at 2:00 p.m. at T.B. Scott Free Library. While this session, hosted by Amanda Mathis and other local master gardeners and UW-Extension agriculture expert Dan Marzu are not a requirement for participation in the seed library, attendees will get to pick out their seeds early, on the day of the presentation.

Seed Saving Resources

T.B. Scott Free Library Books

Visit the T.B. Scott Free Library online catalog for more books related to gardening and heirloom seeds.

Online Resources

University of Wisconsin-Extension Office

Feel free to contact Dan Marzu with any local gardening related questions:

Agricultural Development Educator U.W. Extension Lincoln County 801 N. Sales Street, Suite 101 Merrill, WI 54452 Phone – 715-539-1072 FAX – 715-539-8323 Email: daniel.marzu@ces.uwex.edu