Annual Report and Long Range Plan

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T. B. Scott Free Library’s Mission Statement

Serving the Merrill area through traditional and innovative services, T.B. Scott Free Library connects people to their community and the world, promotes literacy and civic engagement, encourages and supports life-long learning, ensures free and open access to ideas, and provides opportunities for recreation.

T.B. Scott Free Library’s Vision Statement

To cultivate a library environment so vital that everyone desires to be an active library user.

Long Range Plan

Goals Established in the 2014-2018 T.B. Scott Free Library Strategic Plan:

  • Provide library services responsive to community interests and needs
  • Promote, support, and serve as a center for the practice and development of civic discourse, helping to develop responsible citizens by infusing a sense of the importance of democracy
  • Provide an accessible, attractive and up-to-date facility that encourages use
  • Develop and execute programming, serving a broad range of ages and interests, which attracts people to the library, including audiences not currently being reached
  • Provide optimal access to information from print, online, and broadcast media
  • Effectively manage library resources

Long Range Plan